#ThursdayThoughts with Jerrell Grimes: VISION

Thursday Thoughts with Jerrell Grimes: VISION

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Join me every Thursday afternoon for #ThursdayThoughts. With so much going on in the world, it’s easy to lose focus and get distracted. Let’s open our minds to the infinite ways of the universe and learn to expand our horizons…simply by sharing our thoughts and ideas. Let’s help each other stay focused. Stay on track! 

I invite you to submit ideas and topics you want me to touch on or talk about! I look forward to connecting with you. Send ideas to jerrellgrimesmusic@gmail.com or drop in the comments 👇🏾




  1. Agreed! I just saw this video and I believe this is exactly what our youth is in need of to listen to rather than all of what this world has been distracting our youth from with all the violence and music, our youth is in need of this life nutrition: learning and remaining woke. This has to continue. #Vision


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